Upgrade to bigger/wider monitor feedback


I am currently using an ASUS VG248QE. I am looking at affordable options for a bigger/wider monitor. It is intended to be used for regular desktop work as well as sim-racing.

I have seen this Spectre 30 inch monitor. I am not familiar with the brand so do not know about the quality.
Also this AOC C32G1 32 inch monitor. I am familiar with the brand.
Both are FreeSync compatible, have decent refresh rates. Spectre is 5ms while AOC is 1ms. Spectre has more resolution. I currently have a GTX 1070 so not sure it will handle that high resolution quiet well.
In terms of size and aspect ratio. Are those a better option than my current monitor? Would I be able to use a more appropriate FOV ?

Thanks for any feedback.
Do you have a 3d vision kit to go with that monitor?
I know Nvidia are doing their best to kill it, but have you tried racing in 3d?
I use the 27 inch Asus version and also a BenQ 3d monitor, right behinh my wheel. It's fantastic.
Tried VR twice, graphics are crap, immersion is great, but back to Nvidia 3 d vision 2 I go.
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I have tried with Anaglyph glasses and while there is a considerable lost of color acurracy, the experience is quiet cool. Unfortunately it also suffers from have to use high fps in order to have a smooth experience.

Have people here used wide monitors for simracing? Can you share your experience? I am thinking if its worth moving to a wider monitor.