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    Build March 6th:

    • Changed FFB levels and adjusted default settings both for better clarity as well as improving their default settings: instead of Low/Medium/High/Full, now Pure 360hz/Pure 180hz/Pure + Effects 1 / Pure + Effects 2 / Pure + Effects 3. Pure 360hz is the recommended for purest & higher fidelity FFB; Pure 180hz may be better suited for high end wheels with performance issues triggered by the high rates; The others add levels of extra "canned" effects from the game engine also se to 180 hz to avoid performance issues
    • Updated Java version for better compatibility with Win10 systems
    • Corrected errors with DynHUD fuel widget scaling & displays with imperial units
    • Initial pass of updated TV overlay graphics (still very early)
    • Various UI corrections
    • Max Framerate set to 120 by default for new profiles (consistent FPS is important to minimize tearing / stuttering)
    • Fixed bug with settings not being saved in the controller.ini when they should
    • Adjusted default AMS Config settings: Full Screen; remove advanced FSAA options as they don't work; set to desktop resolution rather than 1920x1080 (please run Config again if you had any issues)
    • Added a message to the in-game lobby so people are aware the matchmaker needs to be accessed from the Steam client for now
    • Corrected various championship schedules & default rules for various series
    • Enhanced tire skid and scrub volume calculation and updated tire sounds for all cars accordingly
    • Scaled down Rental Kart chassis to more accurate dimensions
    • Reduced default mirror resolution marginally & adjusted Mirrors and cockpit POV for F301 & FV10
    • Fixed F-V10 rear right tire UV mapping
    • Fixed missing safety rollcage bar for Honda Civic external model
    • Corrected mirror positions in Lancer R & RS
    • Corrected Indian Momentum team not showing up for the F-Extreme
    • Fixed omni on chicane road meshes and added collision mesh to fence inside final turns for Taruma.
    • Fixed error with Lancer Rallycross in lower detail settings
    • Fixed CTD with lower circuit detail settings at Inter kart layouts
    • Fixed Foz pitlane layout causing excessive rattling
    • Fixed Interlagos DRS & tire rules
    • Small physics improvements to Supertruck, Lancer Rallycross & F-Extreme
    • Several minor AIW corrections for newer layouts
    • Fixed F-V10 head physics
    • Enabled refuelling for F-V10
    • Disabled advanced transmission code for sequential boxes until further developments
    • Minor AI behavior adjustments & improvements
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Thread Status:
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