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MGP21 Unwanted steering deadzone

Is anyone else suffering form a steering deadzone while playing MotoGP21?
With an xbox controller, or a T300 wheel(using x360ce), I get a deadzone, even though everything is set at zero in the game settings.
On first release, the deadzone was not there, and my steering input was immediate, then around the third update, the deadzone suddenly appeared.

I have discovered that if I remove pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_0_P.pak from the paks folder, the problem is fixed, i.e. deadzone is completely gone, but that is of little use, as the rider suit and one or two other graphics are then missing, and who knows what else that missing pak might affect.

This deadzone is spoiling my control and enjoyment of the game, to the point that I've given up on the game completely if I can't find a solution.
I believe most console/controller racing games have a deadzone to prevent stick drift, which is actually rather common. The solution I've seen thrown around for games like this is to create settings in x360ce to kind of "push out" the deadzone, but as that's often something outside of the game, I've never found a sweet spot regarding settings. People more technical than me might be able to find what the in-game setting is regarding deadzones that would be a more specific target than "whatever feels good" as a small workaround.

The fact it launched with no deadzone is new, however, as I think all of Milestone's motorcycle games typically launch with the same type of deadzone, meaning if we know how to completely get passed it, we've gotten passed it for all of their games. Has anyone here looked into this for Ride 4, MXGP, and/or Supercross?