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F1 2019 Tyres

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
Does anyone think they'll be able to mod the tyre treads to look more realistic please ? At the moment it kinda looks ridiculous when you come out of the pits for your first lap in P1 and visibly you have already scrubbed tyres even though they're not worn at all . I'm pretty sure the tyres should be full shiny before use and then by the time a lap or two as gone most of the shine should have disappeared . As it is they just seem constantly half shiny , half scrubbed no matter how much wear they have . I don't know what Codies were thinking with that . I've looked into the ' common ' file and the textures don't really look any different to last years in there , so I don't know how they get that half baked shiny look .
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