Tyres temperature issue (with some mods)

Hello racers !

I try several mods these days and with some of them i think i have an issue with the tyres (i really don't know which one).

As you can see on the screenshots ProTyres show the middle of the tyres in red and SideKick show the temperatures in white (the temperature is always in green with others cars). When i start driving i feel like the car have massive understeering, it's almost impossible to make a turn unless i'm very slow.

I have tried to lower the psi, change the tyres (soft, medium, hard) nothing seems to work.

I take this mod (Audi 90) for example.

If anyone know how i can fix this, or maybe it's just me but i have this feeling only with this car.

Thank's a lot for your help and advices.

PS : sorry for my english :speechless:


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