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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Peter Hooper, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Morning guys.. a quick question for you all and it's probably a simple answer but it has me a little confused…. I have been running some full Grand Prix sessions at Bahrain the last couple of nights and last night I ran the first practice session with 35 laps on primes and 12 or so on options. Went into the second session and was going to use the same set of options from the first session to check out what sort of pace I could get with the old set but they were showing as unavailable.. same as the primes.

    Now my understanding of the tyre rules for 2010 was that three sets were available to each driver during the first two practice sessions (two prime and one option) and one set of primes would have to be returned to the supplier after session 1 and one set of each after session 2. Leaving 8 sets of tyres available (4 prime and 4 option) for the rest of the race weekend. So my question is why were both sets that I used during session 1 unavailable for session 2? Anybody else found this?

    I was only given the option of a new set of primes and options for the second session which would mean I had used 4 sets of tyres instead of the 3 permitted in the regulations. Can I not use sets of tyres across different sessions of a Grand Prix?

    Any views or experience of thes would be appreciated.

  2. My993C2


    Yes ... it must be a bug. I often run full practice sessions in my race weekend and the primes I used in P1 are not available to me in P2. Plus the game only gives me one set of options for both P1 and P2. Because of this I mostly use just primes in P1, P2 and P3 and I limit the laps I do on options in P1 to only about 5 and save what is left on these tires for the end of P2.

    Of course you can always exploit another bug in the game and quit to the paddock between sessions which often appears to reset your tire availability.
  3. Kevin Amankwah

    Kevin Amankwah

    CM also 'locked' a set of hard/soft tyres on purpose to prevent running out of tyres over the race weekend.
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