Turning MP4-24 Into A Grand Prix Winner

James Johnson

The Weatherman
Jan 17, 2007
If Some of you have not seen this yet. Mclaren Explain How they got MP4-24 To a Race Winner. :)





Richard Kay

Aug 14, 2008
... A lot of money :)
I know you are only wittily trolling but I think that's pretty disrespectful to the engineers and workers at McLaren and indeed Formula One as a whole. Having worked for a company that has supplied McLaren I can assure you that it is more about the attention to detail than the expense.

In part one Whitmarsh alludes to the design cul-de-sac they went down, at which point you can throw all the money in China at a problem and get nowhere, as indeed they did. Fair play to them, from the sounds of it, it took a lot of hard work and not just money in order to get them in a winning position again.

I think McLaren's use of YouTube to explain their position and allow us to have an insight into what is usually a veiled world is commendable, a breath of fresh air. I would like to see other teams take a leaf out of their book in allowing the fans and the interested a peek into the inner workings of a team. I've no doubt the sponsors love it too and I am not niave enough to be fooled into thinking it's not a marketing tool also but it's a good one. The RC car and pre-Shanghai (spotlights on the McLaren) virals not only did their job as a piece of marketing, they were genuinely amusing and showed the team has quite a sense of humour.

Kevin Watts

Jun 28, 2008
Did they just photocopy Ferrari's design's again, both teams have been equally poor this season :D

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
Take a chill pill, Rich. Was only kidding (as usual).

I just couldn't care less what they did with the car. I respect the engineers and the time they put into a less-competitive car, just that I am tired of hearing the likes of Hamilton finish every interview with "... the team are doing a fantastic job, staying up late to finish the car", just looking for sympathy.

Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
GRRAROOORGHJTRRRRRRR!! Damn! I want to watch this so much but Youtube is not working for weeks as now :mad-tongue::yell::mmph:

Could someone tell me what's going on there ? :question:


Feb 3, 2009
GRRAROOORGHJTRRRRRRR!! Damn! I want to watch this so much but Youtube is not working for weeks as now :mad-tongue::yell::mmph:

Could someone tell me what's going on there ? :question:
Four vids of typically executive McLaren people talking to camera about how the car was even slower than we realised at the start, how they massively accelerated a lot of short term work to get even within the distance they were at the start. Then how development plateaued because it was most short term so they had to step backwards and go back to more comprehensive long term changes which resulted in the Germany and Hungary packages. They're especially proud of the integration of design and manufacturing (rightly so) that enabled them to get from idea to parts on the car so quickly.

Bert Van Waes

I have to say thank you to MClaren!

Videos like this should be made much more often. They made it prob for some marketing, but i'm sure it's also because they want to show some respect to their engineers and factory workers, to the whole team.

They really did a great job, Lewis couldn't tell that enough to us. But this is clearly a team now working together as a whole, no fingerpointing no nothing. Fantastic i would say!

And my god they sound so professionally, love it, the calm friendly talks about such technical issues.

Again tx for the videos Mclr. and tx for posting them here James!:)

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
I have to say, I do admire McLaren. They are doing something for the fans. This is in some way thanking them (although I wouldn't gift a good friend with a documentary entitled "My Success!"). I'm suprised Red Bull don't do this, considering their F1 mission from day 1 was to "put the fun back into F1".