Trouble with models from Sketchup


Mar 17, 2009
Hy again

I have some trouble with models from Skechup:
first when I save model in colada file, BTBXPacker cresh every times when I try to load my ".dae" files. End I have this sreen:

By antanas_j at 2009-06-09

By antanas_j at 2009-06-09

Ok but when I save my model as 3Ds file, every times, I get error like mising tekstures. But in Skechup model, all is ok.

By antanas_j at 2009-06-09

Im work with SketchUp Pro v7.0.8657. Try used only my textures as jpg, and tga.
Maybe any one can creat some small tutorial from Skechup save to BTB files...

Kris Vickers

May 9, 2009
I dont know if this will help , but i`ll try anyways.

I`m using zmodeller for my 3D modelling, and when i export as 3DS, it shortens the name of the texture, but cant find it when its a 3DS and imported in a BTB Xpack.

The only way i found around this is to have short file name, about 6 characters, i`m not sure but i think the max might be 8. Thats the only fix i`ve found :)

Not sure if its the same problem for you, but worth a look. Also, because i use Zmodeller, my textuers are bmp.


Mar 16, 2009
When i use sketch up and i have done to make my track. I do the following procedure. (just off the top of my head so if i have typed any errors i am sorry)

  1. create textures in Photoshop. Ensure Textures are to the power of 2, and export both as a jpeg and .dds
  2. open sketch up and build your model, ensure that when you build your model that the faces are not blue in colour, they need to be white or grey. If this happens right click the face and select the option to 'reverse faces'
  3. add textures to model by going to FILE > IMPORT then choose your jpg file (ensure option is selected for import as texture), then place texture on face required.
  4. repeat step three for new textures. DO NOT USE GOOGLE's default textures.
  5. Once completed your 3D model in sketch up export to 3ds.
  6. Before the xpack can take your model, you need to convert the jpg files to .dds, to do this i used 3DSIMED, Import the model then press E. this shows the materials used in your model, you will have to click on each material, then choose edit and choose the corresponding .dds file. Ok that and then repeat for each and every material. Then export again as .3ds model.(uncheck the box for 8:3 texture names)
  7. Open xpacker and ensure that all your .dds files and .3ds file are in the same folder. import model and use in game!



Also a great tip for anyone that wants to use sketch up:

firstly download and install version 6 (free version - without the .3ds exporter)
then download version 7 and ask try the pro version (8 hours free with .3ds exporter).

build all of your models in version 6 and then save them as sketchup files. Open them in version 7 export them as .3ds. then close version 7 straight away, otherwise you will cut into your 8 free hours.

I have built 30-odd buildings and have only used about 40 minutes of my evaluation version 7.

You will need to be disciplined not to use version 7 for anything that you can do in version 6.


Mar 28, 2009
hi, dosgraphix has right, but let me say something:

jpeg format can be used if you dont need, bump and specular files,

Some Sketch´s textures can be used, as you know power of 2, but it s better to import known textures, even photos.

Great tip, 6 and 7 version , i used it,



Mar 18, 2009
A workaround to "export to 3ds" using the free version of Sketchup:

If you are looking for a free alternative you can export the file out as a COLLADA file by saving the file as a kmz file then renaming the extension as a zip file. Open the zip file up it should have the collada file with textures. Get the 3d program blender (free) and open the collada file through blender and then export the file to whatever is available (obj/3ds file) - this process is a pain but its free.:)



Mar 24, 2009
has posted above not all models work on sketchup 7.the best version is sketchup 6. then add sketchup 7 trail version (with 3ds export), to exported the model,so you don't lose the 8 hours on trials version.althought you can use simed now with the extended dll files,and exported that way now!!!:)


Mar 18, 2009
If you need to convert a texture that doesn't has the power of 2 size,
into a usable size - I recommend using the XNview tool since it keeps the
alpha channel intact in the process.

Xnview can convert between many 2D gfx formats and resize
any texure you like.

Unfortunately XNview doesn't export in .DDS - instead use .TGA
( Xnview can batch convert gfx files as well ).

Sketchup models often use non .dds .tga textures in a non power of 2 size,
therefore I find the Xnview tool mandatory - if i intend to keep the original
sketchup models textures "intact".:)