triple screens

May 1, 2015
hi guys , i installed dirt rally when it first became available, the graphics were setup well, triple screens. i have not played it for a while, and today when i go to play well the graphics are all weird, i am trying to run in 5760x1080 as before only now it is just totally stretched across the screens and there is no way i can change the way it looks. i have even uninstalled the game and re installed, verified the files and it just cannot be changed. its like it's stuck in a 720 stretched resolution. every other game is fine in triples. i even restored my pc back to the date i installed the game just to try and fix it but no joy. were there any graphics changes secretly done with the patch, just don't know. any help would be really appreciated thanks.
meant to say, running i7 4770k msi r9-290x 16gigs memory. i had beautiful graphical quality before