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Triple screen...


First of all I would like to know if Raceroom supports 3 ultrawide 21: 9 monitors (2560 x 1080), that is, 7680 x 1080?

Another question is whether my PC would support this triple screen condition:

Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20 GHz
RAM -> 8 GB
GPU -> GTX 1060 6GB

If it is not possible what configuration would I have to have to rotate 3 screens in ultrawide 21: 9?

UMC 22

I will wait to pass this world crisis of the covid-19 to be able to buy a new PC, because currently the computer parts are very expensive where I live.
I think that goes for everywhere, though I was fairly lucky in being able to find reasonable prices for my latest build. But even the company I used have raised their prices since I ordered mine last month. We'll be well into 2021 before prices even come close to stabilising I think. Not a good time for upgrades. :(