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  1. Paero



    EDIT: what the hell is this trash ****, I brought it thinking it was a sim, what the hell?

    Everything is so shiny its like im driving on my dads head,

    why are half the cars rendered in 280p?

    these games are more recycled than call of duty

    rip off trash its the same game as gt4
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  2. Richard Coleman

    Richard Coleman

    Watch the language there neighbour.

    Ill try and answer you nicely (no I dont like PD and the way they have taken GT6 but I do still enjoy the game) but if I fail its because Im annoyed at these threads popping up so ofter on different forums. GTPlanet has the perfect place for you to put this. Their Epic Whyning and Crying thread.

    Now to the matter at hand.

    Im yet to notice any shiny roads. Ive had the game since release day. Never once has it been like driving on someones head. If anything the tracks are easier on the eyes than GT5 thanks to the new lighting system.

    If you use a wheel then you can get the full enjoyment of this game as a sim. If you are like me and stuck with only being able to use a DS3 controller then it will never be a sim.

    Half the cars (well 3/4 of the cars if Im being honest) are bad quality as they are PS2 ports. Sure, hate on them if you must. Personally one of my favourite cars is the worst looking standard car in the game. Suzuki Alto Works. Looks like a PS1 throwback. Simple solution for this tho. When buying a car if it doesnt say Interior: Detailed.... dont buy it. Then you will NEVER have to worry about "280p" cars.

    Its also definitely NOT the same game as GT4. GT4 is vastly superior in most aspects. Only physics and graphics are not up to todays demands. If they had rebranded GT4 as GT6 with new graphics and physics I would have happily bought it.

    So yeah GT6 may be bad currently but at least its getting updates to adress things.
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  3. Sakis Politis

    Sakis Politis

    You will not be taken seriously if you talk like that. I agree with everything Richard just said. I will also add that the sound is awful. It cannot be compared to PC sims but it is very close, which means good gameplay.

    You say you expected a sim and then you talk about graphics. I don't think these two are connected in any way. GT Legends has mediocre graphics but the gameplay is amazing, so... We can either talk about each domain or make a mix of everything and just whine.

    I'm not a fanboy, I was also seriously disappointed and can't wait to go back to my PC games. But I can't just say "the game sucks" in general without having played and only judge by visuals.
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  4. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I agree - wrong forum for whining.

    I'm not happy with GT6, but it's all we've got so I get on with driving it. I will vote with my cash by not buying GT7...
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  5. Tony Gentile

    Tony Gentile

    GT6 did they make a 6
    I stopped at GT4
    Hugely disappointed at the way that the developers were able to pass on another title with no extra content worth talking about.
    This is a full ARCADE GAME
    You need to get a full version sim
    ie Raceroom DTM iracing Assetto Corsa
    Then you can throw your GT discs in the trash.
  6. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    i really think that from gt4 forward the put more effort in making the game have more cars and better graphics than in the game itself, i really liked some small details that gt4 had, the pitstop animations were awesome, the gran turismo mode was the best i've seen yet, and i would even dare to say almost perfect, and all those things went away or were neglected in gt5 and 6, the pitstop animations are now nothing compared to what they were, and the carrer mode is much worse, and in gt6 there isn't even proper endurance races, which in my opinion is a major let down, that was what i liked the most in the grn turismo series.
    But not everything is bad, there are some nice things, the nigth racing is a big upgrade from gt4, the phisics seem to be much better then what they were (they are completely diferent from pc games, but much better than gt4) and playing it online, in RD races at least, is very fun. And last but not least it has received some updates from the launch which may open the door for future changes, like proper endurance racing (24 hours instead of 24 minutes) let's keep our fingers crossed :thumbsup:
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