Track Folders

Is it possible to group the tracks under folders in the track display? I installed some converted rFactor tracks and would like to group them by continent for easier searching. I created a NorthAmerica folder and threw a couple in, but the track display in GSC still lists them individual.

Any ideas?
something that can work like a template

TrackName = Nordschleife 2008
GrandPrixName = Nordschleife Touristenfahrt 2008 RFE
EventName = Nordschleife Touristenfahrt 2008 RFE
VenueName = GERMANY , Nurburgring
Location = Nurburg, Germany

change respective fields (its from my rf installation, i suppose it will work in gsc)
Ok. Got it. So I have to modify the tracks. I can't just throw existing track directories into a new directory to get them to show up under it (which is what I did that didn't work).

I've seen some tracks grouped under folders that leagues have created. I thought just putting them under a new folder would do it.
U can add the continent just before country in the same manner: name[space]comma[space]name2 etc in my previous example it would be EUROPE , GERMANY , Nordschl....
Help, in what files are these supposed to be edited, and with what tool (edit: NP+)? I'd like to check my files, as I get mismatch with Eastern Creek in MP, but I simply installed the EasternCreek2014_4Layouts_GSCEx_V3.1.rar w/c works well in SP.