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Toronto Indycar Exhibition Place 2021

Tracks Toronto Indycar Exhibition Place 2021 1.0

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Tyrone submitted a new resource:

Toronto Indycar Exhibition Place 2021 - Indy Car race, held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Indy Toronto 2021
  • Full night lighting
  • Weather FX compatibility
  • 20 pit boxes
This track is based on how the track looked in 2019 - but hopefully will be ran again in '21
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if the track doesn't load you will need
please try this before commenting

20 pit boxes, as it's a little cramped for any more than that.

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Great job and great track Tyrone :)
I've a question, I've a version from 2017 with 30 pits that are aligned in two separate lines, it might be possible to add up to at least 25.
I'm so happy that I can finally drive at the track that introduced me to racing and I love how got most of the little details.
but I do have some feedback,
the curb at T5 feels very small compared to what I have seen on onboard videos and watching the race, the bump on the left before T8 feels like it is a little too big. also, I appreciate that the runoff space at T3 is a little bigger than in real life, however, I find it makes spotting where T3 is a bit harder it manageable but it took me by surprise early on, some break marker boards would help with this a lot.
Nice track, but I'm having a bizarre issue with it; when I pull into the pits for service, my pit box disappears moments before I enter it, and I can't complete any servicing. When it disappears, if I back up, it reappears, but then disappears again when I move forward. All other tracks I've tried are operating normally, it's just this one. Any ideas regarding what I may have set up wrong on my system ? Obviously it's my issue, otherwise there'd be a ton of complaints about it!