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Tires sometimes blurring, sometimes not

I have started exploring the physics, so I alter few bits here and there. Mainly for learning purposes (to be able to make my own mod one day) so I have transplanted tires from one mod to another, and while tires are working well, they have the same feel as they thave in their original mod they do not change textures to blurred ones when rotation increases. Textures do exist I checked.
So is it something inside HDV or tbc file itself that I need to change?

Also it sometimes happen in the original mods too. For example in Indycar 1988 when you change stagger in the setup the tires will stop using blurred textures. And I never touched or changed anything in Indycar 1988
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To have this effect working, the number of tires at your tbc needs to be the same amount of textures sets on the 3D itself. If you have 3 compunds per example, you'ill need to have the tyres loading textures from the 00 to 08 and etc, etc.. You probably is changing the number of compunds, is very probably to be this.
Thank you for the answer.
But, can you be a bit more precise, I am having trouble understanding what you wrote

For example if I have 1 compound then I need textures

If I have 2 compouns I need textures


Can I just copy-paste 00 and rename it to 03 and copy-paste 01 and rename it to 04?

Does it function this way?
Yeah, you need to continue this,

00,01,02 - 1st compound
03,04,05 - 2nd compound
06,07,08 - 3rd compound

and etc...

Extra note: You need to change the 3D of the tyres too to make them accept the new number of animations, don't is just create more textures.