Thrustmaster TX servo base problems

Hi guys

I've recently purchased a second hand thrustmaster tx servo base with a few add ons second hand and out of warranty . Its been working perfectly for about 2 months until recently. For the last week or so the wheel base starts and works fine but around after 5 minutes of gameplay I loose all input on my steering wheel and peddals and comes back 5 seconds later. I do still have button and paddle shift inputs during these "input losses". Its occurs very regularly and after about 4 occurances I loose my last used peddal input. Often the gas pedal. No input at all even on the control panel. The only way to overcome this is to unplug the USB and plug it back into my pc. This resets everything and everything works fine until I start racing again. Note that I have my fan always running and don't play on the highest ffb settings so I doubt that it is overheating. Any assistance would be much appreciated as i feel like selling my thrustmaster equipment for the always reliable Logitech wheels.

Thank you