Thrustmaster T60 on PC


Jun 4, 2015
Hi guys I'm having some issues setting up my Thrustmaster T60 to work on my PC. The wheel and buttons work as intended but the pedals work like they were just buttons with only a pressed and not pressed state. Meaning that I'm either not accelerating at all or I'm full power.

The only game I've used with it so far is F1 2014.

I've hunted around the internet and can't seem to find anything about it just wondering if anybody here knows anything about why I might be having this issue. The wheel is advertised as PS3/PC which is why I bought it.
Jun 21, 2011
Start > Control Panel > Game controllers > Thrustmaster T60 > Properties.

This is where the calibration used to be found, and an option for re-calibration was present. However, I'm on Windows 7, that option has since dissapeared, and I now recalibrate through the controller driver/software which was downloaded at

I have an RGT FFB Pro Clutch. This is an old wheel, and it was flagship at it's time, and therefore there was much more help. I have checked the Thrustmaster website, and it also states the wheel is not compatible with the PC (PS3 only), so it may not even be possible. But since you've already dropped the dough, you may as well try.