Thread: Race #12, Hungaroring: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. John-Eric Saxén

    John-Eric Saxén

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Bruno Marques

    Bruno Marques

    Congratulations Mattias, for the awesome race you did and for the championship :)
  3. Cyril Werdmuller

    Cyril Werdmuller

    Mattias, well done mate. Youre racepace was awesome.
    Congratulations for winning the champ, well deserved.
  4. Mattias Stahre

    Mattias Stahre

    Thank u Cyril, was a great fight almost to the last lap!

    Thanks to FSR as well for this season!
  5. Jeffrey Rietveld

    Jeffrey Rietveld

    Congratulations Mattias, very nice pace :)
    Too bad I had to deal with a connection loss :(
  6. Fred Gosling

    Fred Gosling

    Congrats Mattias! Also good race Cyril. Unfortunately I also had a connection lost, really disappointed about that.
  7. Atze Kerkhof

    Atze Kerkhof

    Srry for missing in the broadcast interview, I had to run right after the race because of an appointment. Anyway, congrats Matthias!! He showed an amazing pace. Also Cyril was flying.

    After my DQ last race I wanted to show my best performance this race, and I feel like I did well.. The setup wasnt perfect, PM guys were closing on me on sectors where i really couldn't go faster. After some broadcast problems I accidently pushed some buttons, causing my ffb to disable. So during the first stint I was driving without ffb, which was quite a experience :). It cost me some time in the first stint, was over 0.5 slower per lap than I was able to. Also my tirewear went through the roof, so I was forced to do a 3 stopper. In the pit I found the 'ffb enable' button, and after that I slightly found some rhythm again. I lost soem time with my three stopper because I was unable to create a gap in the first stint. I knew that I had to overtake somebody and luckily I was able to fight Cyril in the closing stages, which was a great fight. After I passed Cyril I noticed that the gap was way too big with Matthias. So I just brought the car home.

    He was untouchable this race.. He showed that he's a top WC driver and he confirmed my respect for his skills this race. Nothing but respect and I hope to meet him on track next season.

    Anyway.. beside all the people that made this year of racing possible a list of special thanks:

    Dennis Hirrle, Phillip Estrada, Bruno Marques, David Dominguez and Mikko Puumalainen. They helped me a lot this season. Even though things didn't work out every race I'm very happy with the level of driving I accomplished this year. Next season will be a great season and big news is coming up this week.

    Ofcours thanks to the whole FSR board for making this season great. Thanks to all the video and track workers, I realized how much work everybody is putting into it, so they derserve a lot of respect.

    Thanks to TMo for giving me the opportunity to start in FSR. To Ghostspeed for letting me drive in Suzuka and to Precision for showing me what to aim for ;). I hope FSR will be big again next season and I will work hard to be a part of it.
  8. Dimitri De Matos

    Dimitri De Matos

    Congrats to Mattias and Cyril for 1st and 2nd position in WS championship!
  9. Job van der Geest

    Job van der Geest

    Congratz for the championship Mattias! Great drive. I also would like to apologize for the bold move, I dont know what i was thinking. I guess I was still a bit rusty. I hope you didnt get too much damage from that.
  10. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues

    Congrats Mattias, well done! :)
  11. Karim Wezenberg

    Karim Wezenberg

    I was hoping to do this final race, but my ISP decided otherwise when it was having problems a few hours before the race.

    Congrats for the championships and i would like to thank all the drivers i had hard, but good and clean battles with during the season.

    Thank you to the directors and all the FSR Staff who worked hard and made the tracks great.

    Enjoy the break and good luck for next year!
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