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This is Fantastic

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    I'm very glad I chose to go ahead and get this! It's my early Christmas present by the way from the wife...lol... I practiced my butt off for the day and finally told myself I was going to go qualify and check out a race.

    Well I accidently joined a race thinking it was at Lime and ended up being Laguna so I withdrew so I have an extra race in my list. So I go in on the next race and placed 7th, another race placed 4th, and my last race I placed 3rd. I have figured out not to try to catch them and just run my own pace because 8 times out of 10 they will mess up during the course of the race and I'll go right by. I'll have to say though, this is VERY addicting...:redface:

    During my last race 1st and 2nd place were about 11 seconds ahead of me and I got them down to about 5 seconds. A lapped car got in my way and would not move over. I was thinking to myself either I need a horn or a hood mounted gatling gun...hehehe
  2. William Nowell

    William Nowell

    I vote for the gatling gun. Sounds like santa has been good to you, enjoy.
  3. Mike McCormick

    Mike McCormick

    Welcome to iRacing.

    Good to have another Texas member.
  4. Dazmaniac


    iRacing @ RaceDepartment.

    What could be better.

    Happy holidays guys.
  5. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    Exactly!!! :)
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