Third Wreckfest Update in a Month Released Today!

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    Wreckfest June hotfix 3.jpg
    Bugbear Entertainment have released the third update in a month to Next Wreckfest, acting quickly to address some remaining issues introduced as part of the most recent game build.

    Deployed in response to feedback from community members, the latest hotfix for Wreckfest aims to "enhance dedicated server resilience to intermittent network errors and further improve server stability", as well as bringing a few new improvements to a title that is quickly picking up the development pace in recent times.

    Expected to release to console in the coming months, Bugbear seemed to have upped the rate of development recently as they scramble towards the finish line and get the game to a version one release state. Although the game is far from what could be considered a finished article, the potential both in the depth of gameplay, visuals and playability make the raw ingredients of Wreckfest potentially something that could prove to be an incredible success in the years to come.

    With development at times progressing at seemingly glacial pace, it is incredibly encouraging to see such a quick reaction to issues over these past couple of weeks. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new push towards getting this game up to standard and finally finished, and reaching its incredible potential.

    'Hotfix 3' Update Notes:
    • Improved dedicated server resilience to network interruptions.
    • Server Browser now displays more information about servers running custom content.
    • In multiplayer Results screen, typing in the chat will no longer bring up the Leaderboards screen or Spectate mode.
    • In Lobby, the chat now has a semi-transparent background to make it more legible.
    • Fixed American 3 damaged light.
    • Improved Clear Day weather.

    Next Car Game Wreckfest is available for Windows PC right now. A proposed console release is due sometime during 2017.

    Check out the Wreckfest sub forum here at RaceDepartment for all the latest news, discussions and mods for this exciting no holes barred destruction derby style game. Head over and get involved in the conversation today!

    Happy to see Bugbear are listening to their fans and acting quickly to deploy new fixes? Do you think the title has potential to step up to the next level? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. JPL083


    Nice that they are now delivering, but now i want in the game some... Mud and dirt flying around on the windshield and car's getting dirty and all that, digging in the mud etc. And of course waiting more about what's coming after last big update, potential is now strong with this game, i feel.
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  3. CC


    is that a ford mexico in the screenshots ?
    because if it is ill buy this game right now :D:D
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  4. ShredatorFIN


    Think they are brandless, just inspired by real cars. Not too difficult to tell what car has been inspiration for each though
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