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The "why did i not buy this sooner!?" Thread

So I've had ETS2 on my Steam wish list for what feels like years, always thought "it'd be nice to have" but glossed over it in any sales...until last week.

I picked it up for the ridiculous price of under £4 and sat back on my laptop to have a play, after a few Quick Jobs i began to see the appeal and thought to myself "yeah this is alright, I wonder what the VR experience is like?". So i popped upstairs to my rig, googled how to get the game going on Oculus, loaded her up...and wept with joy!

Ok i didn't actually cry but my God what an experience, after setting the controls and whacking the graphics right up (VR performance is bloody good on my lowly pc) i set off out into Euro Land. Immediately just looking around my trucking workstation i felt a great sense of awe, then driving about looking at the semi decent scenery (let's be honest here some if it is a bit naff!) i just fell in love. I got to my first delivery location and set about reverse parking, so so so much easier on VR with a proper wheel than it is on a laptop with a controller...I'm now a truck driver baby!

Back to the Steam Store i went and bought ATS as that was also under £4, then i set about spending £20+ on most of the ETS2 DLC, all of it an absolute bargain in this summer sale.

Barely a few hours in i started to notice the quirks and some little discrepancies, so i popped off to the Workshop and soon found some much loved mods to improve the experience, i joined the discord channel and was informed about ProMods (huge map addition..as if you need more with all the dlc anyway!) and all of that has further improved the experience and my joy for the game...especially the AI mods as the default AI isn't that good.

The relaxing nature, tootling along through the countryside with music playing, it's almost as if it's exactly what i need after a hard day's work. Where on said days i find it hard to concentrate on a Racing Sim, my feet ache so the last thing i want to do is mash the brake pedal at the end of Mulsanne lap after lap. Now i can sit back, stick the tunes on, switch on Cruise Control and lazily travel down to Rome from my base in Genoa, whilst taking in that glorious Italian scenery all the while saving enough for my first Truck...I'm hooked, let's start a Convoy!
I, too, discovered this game just recently and now I am hooked. Funny thing: I did this for a living for 20 years on and off and while it was a great job at the beginning I was happy when I got out about 5 years back.
Maybe if we had autonomous driving trucks and I could work like this from home I would be tempted to get back. :);)

Brandon Wright

I may not be fast, but I'm wide!
Similar story here, bought ETS2 many moons ago and played it briefly on my triple screens but didn't really get on with it. Snagged ATS a couple years later on a sale but never touched it. 3-4 weeks ago I decided to give ATS a go in VR and oh boy! :geek: The issues I didn't get on with were all gone with the addition of VR and it's possibly the most enjoyable experience I've had in VR. In those few weeks I've already put almost 100 hours into ATS and I just cannot get enough of this slow-paced boring game! Got my graphics settings dialed in nicely and it's looking pretty tasty in VR now (it wasn't pretty/smooth at first).

Like Marc said, when I get home from work the thought of driving a race car doesn't always sound appealing, but the thought of hoping in the cab and having a relaxing sunset cruise down the coast while listing to some tunes is very appealing! And I really love the create-your-own-adventure style of the game, the only goal is to log miles and make money and how you do that is completely up to you. I have this little narrative about my fake trucking company running in my head and I just go wherever the story takes me. Being a petrolhead I often take jobs delivering cars to various places. I've hired a bloke called Johan and a lass called Monica and we're making a go at delivering these goods around the west coast and having a blast doing it! We're known as Devil's 3way Deliveries (DBA Dirty Leg Trucking). :laugh: Once I'm confident in my drivers and they're raking in some good dough I'm going to expand the company westward to Europe and begin my ETS2 adventure while Johan and Monica keep things trucking over here in the ATS colonies. :cool:

Walk around mode would be nice addition
Check out other trucks at stops, etc.
and binoculars for scenery :barefoot:

I presume it's the same on ETS2, but in ATS you can activate the developer console which gives you access to a free-roam camera so you kinda can get out and walk around and go wherever you want.