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The strength of the AI of the opponents. Bug?

Sorry for the bad english. Auto-translator.
Sometimes the AI strength of rivals on the menu does not match their strength in reality. Then I have to go back to the settings menu to set the strength again.
For example, I set the AI strength to 87%, and the rivals go much faster, although the menu is set at 87%. Exit to the menu, move the AI slider left and right, re-setting 87%. We load the race and now the AI strength corresponds to 87%.
Does it happen to you? How to fix?
Hello, it happens to me. That s why i have an AI level data for each track. but it also depends on the car. I go 16 cars ai and set my ai level to get position 10 after qualifying. If i go faster than AI, i increase it, if not, i decrease the level and save the level not to test it again.