The RaceDepartment Podcast | Season 2, Episode 8 Now Available

Paul Jeffrey

Your place for all real and virtual motorsport chitter chatter is back once again - The RaceDepartment Podcast Season 2, Episode 8 is now available to download.

In this latest episode @Paul Glover, @Davide Nativo and @Daniel Monteiro chew the fat in the virtual studio on a wide range of topics, from the world of next generation consoles and new graphics cards, to league racing and one off online events - sharing their thoughts and opinions on some backbone topics of the virtual racing world.

Also in the episode we ask our listeners to help out with a spot of jingle music creation... stay tuned on tomorrow for more details and how to enter...

As always, thank you to @RasmusP for audio editing - much appreciated sir!

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@Davide Nativo I had a little chuckle about the "stuffed more stuff on this stuff" :roflmao:
Yeah, Nvidia went from 12 to 8 nanometers :p

About evolution or revolution @Paul Glover, the 3080 eats 380w in the reviews.
The 2080ti is below 300w when not overclocked.
So rather an evolution, since you basically buy the higher fps 1 to 1 with higher power consumption compared to the 2080 ti.

Still an amazing piece of tech and due to the lower price an awesome card!

Interestingly, Niels heusinkveld did some spreadsheet about the "evolutions" and found out that the 30xx series isn't "super awesome".
It's less awesome than going from 9xx to 10xx.
But the 20xx series sucked to massively price vs performance wise that the 30xx series is a bit glorified now..

Anyway, my 2 cents :)

Was very nice to listen to you about consoles, sims, periphery and practicing and handling endurance races and incidents.

Was a nice drive!
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Alex Harkett

Interesting topics guys. It’s a good time for me because my pc is pretty old now, I’ve got my eyes on a new Alienware Aurora when they release the new options but still not sure which card to go for yet. I have a 1440p monitor but could upgrade to 4K ... there’s lots of ifs and buts involved.

Honestly, not too fussed about the new consoles. I’ve barely used my PS4 over the last 6 months, apart to play Fall Guys for like half an hour lol! I guess I’d go with PS5 but I’m going to wait and see how the land lies in 6 months to a year after launch.

Re the intro jingle - defo go with Davide’s option !!!:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

or that bit from the F1 99 intro where Murray Walker says ‘when the lights go out, the race begins!’
Or get Martin Haven involved!

Alex Harkett



Please Paul... we need a lift in the red camp!