The RaceDepartment Podcast | Season 2 Episode 10: Too Many GT3's


Apr 4, 2015
GT3 gives what people, who dislike spec racing, love the most - variety
I can't read yours comment unironically. Yes there are various cars, but they they are all so similar and getting more similar, and if that is not enough they use fancy shmansy ballance of power techniques to make them more similar at every track. They are as close to single make series as they can be while not actually being a single make series.


Jan 27, 2019
That clearly isn't what he meant, but I suppose you needed something to get angry about today huh? :rolleyes:

We have GT3's in nearly every main sim currently on the market. Some of those sims are new, some of them are old, some of them are very specific, some offer a wide variety of other content. The thing is, most don't even offer different eras of the same class... it's the same old cars in the same old class in every single sim.

That being the case, I hardly think it is outrageous to suggest that perhaps we don't need these particular cars in every single sim on the market. Perhaps it might be nice for at least one or two developers to spend those licensing fees on acquiring something a little more unique and equally (or more) interesting. Such a sim would certainly get my vote.
Other licensing, Like Wec cars, so many classes and cars and you cant find anywhere...


Nov 30, 2017
I love GT3's but it feels a bit stale indeed.

More VLN/WEC/DTM/BTCC/WTCC/GT2/IMSA/SuperGT (old and new) would be nice. So sad so many current iterations of these have such a reduction in manufacturers racing nowadays. The latter makes GT3 feel more viable for current series.
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Sep 18, 2016
Who'd want to be a developer? For years, Reiza has been harangued with "where are the GT3s?" and "there's not enough popular content". As soon as they provide GT3s (and GT4s), it's "maybe there are too many GT3s" and "developers should make different stuff".

GT3s are great: they're relatively easy to drive, they're stunning to look at, they sound good, and we can see them live on YouTube, often providing more exciting racing than F1. I'm glad most sims have them nowadays.

Kunos is to be applauded for making ACC, a specialised sim that replicates the GT3/4 experience so well. RF2 and RaceRoom offer lots of great cars in the same vein. AC is a modder's dream for those who want something esoteric. Reiza is filling in some of the gaps in the proprietary simracing world. All the developers have to balance head and heart when planning their output. I'm just glad we consumers have so much to choose from.

Incidentally, the AMS2 roadmap mentions that Group C and GT1 packs are coming... :cool:
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May 1, 2019
I found myself agreeing with Danny during the pod. ACC is great, very realistic, very trendy and I played it a lot, I took part in the first ACCSS season, ploughed in the hours but found myself getting bored after a while and didn’t bother with season 2. GT3s are great fun, very easy to drive, but I found myself hankering for other things.

I also love VR & that, I suppose limits the amount of time I want to spend on ACC. I run a 2070 & 3900x so I’ve got the grunt, but it really doesn’t look great despite hours of tweaking.

My other main issue is that I much prefer older content like DRM, Group C & the RSS GT cars on AC. I also like vintage single seaters, Russell Alexis for example, I’d never get bored with that. AMS2 is getting better and I love the more obscure tracks and content on there. Formula Vee at Guapore is pure joy, 30 laps on that mo-fo eclipses any ACC experience for me.

Skid Solo

Jul 23, 2020
Great podcast thanks guys
Paul mentioned (again) how good the racing on ACCSS is and that you should apply via Discord
Does anybody have a link to the discord channel as I cant find it ?
I have found a few links on google but all have expired
I can see people are still joining from the members list just cant work how to join