The feel of road texture through the wheel - GTR2 can do that


Apr 18, 2014
So, I was driving in rFactor2 and it occurred to me it's the only sim that can (or actually tries to) have a pronounced 'road texture' feel through ffb, such as concrete vs pavement vs gravel vs cobblestone, and I wondered if I could approximate something simple like a road texture in GTR2...


Turns out you can!

Open up your GTR2 UserData\User.PLR file (I have attached mine at the bottom) and try out these parameters:

FFB Effects Level="4" // Number of FFB effects to use: 0=No Effects, 1=Low, 2=Medium, 3=High, 4=Full, 5=Custom.
FFB steer vibe freq mult="1.00000" // Controls frequency of steering vibration. Recommended: 0.5 to 1.0, 0.0 disables steering vibration.
FFB steer vibe zero magnitude="0.00952" // Magnitude of steering vibration at 0mph (reference point).
FFB steer vibe slope="0.00391" // Slope of line defining magnitude as a function of frequency (used with FFB steer vibe zero magnitude).
FFB steer vibe wave type="1" // Type of wave to use for vibe: 0=Sine, 1=Square, 2=Triangle, 3=Sawtooth up, 4=Sawtooth down.

The feel I was going for was a well-traveled highway pavement kind of feel, not perfectly smooth, but also not gravel roughness. It's tough to dial in a feel but I think it's possible to get close-ish with the available params.

I'd love to hear if anyone can come up with a better road feel, something that approximates a track surface.

Note: I use an AF1 DD wheel so my parameters may be much too subtle for non-DD wheels to feel. If you don't have a DD wheel and you can't feel the effect, then try doubling the Zero Magnitude value until you can feel it.


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