The end of F1 as we know it... at last!

Daniel Pettit

Jan 23, 2007
The world of F1 is in turmoil, the worlds motorsport press are increasingly drumming up the speculation and the teams keep pouring fuel on the fire with increasingly major statements. More than ever before we are looking like we are heading for a split...... good!

Put the history to one side for a moment and lets look at the motorracing world as it is here in 2009. From karting to GP2 there are a few core values that define 'formula' single seater racing. They have one central seat, 4 exposed wheels and they are almost all single make (or at least single design) chassis with a couple of options on customer engines. It driving skill that matters in these cars and makes it exciting to watch. Then all of a sudden you get to F1 when the drivers suddenly find themselves lost in a battle between engineers.

What would be so bad about having Formula 1 being a ultimate expression of this single chassis, drivers first forumla? It could well happen just look at the evidence: Williams the builder of Max's new pet project, Formula 2, are signed up and seem confident, Manor motorsport also got an entry which brings in another chassis design friend of Max and the FIA in the form of Nick Wirth. Lola were bemusingly refused an entry to despite being ready to go with their own car. Finally alot of the prospective entrants didn't seem that worried about having just 6 months to get it all together and could this be because they've already been promised a FIA chassis and Cosworth engine package for 30 million euros? (and who was the last person to build a Cosworth powered f1 car.. Williams!) It would work too, with control of the chassis in the FIA's hands the age old rule maker versus engineer battles would finally end and a chassis with true RACING potential could be developped.

What about FOTA, what about them? Well manufacturers have always been in the sport for 2 things. To promote the brand and to show off technical inovation. in recent years Formula 1 has not allowed them to do this as the major areas for speed: Tyres (which they don't make) and Aero (which is irrelevent to their road cars). KERS was supposed to address this, originally thought up in the boom times and designed to be a more road-relevent alternative to the millions being spent in the wind tunnels.

I see FOTA regulations being alot more akin to modern sportscars with massivly less depedance on Aero and far more use of technologies and a more fan freindly format as the long races that make up sportscar racings key makeup is not a fan friendly format. The recent gesture by the ACO (the organisers of Le Mans) was also signficant, but don't feel that this means the FOTA teams will run to the Le Mans series, possibly more a case of the ACO coming to FOTA. It would help FOTA too as they could do with a blue riband event in their series.

People fear a breakaway because of what happened in the US but this is a very different prospect. For years fans have been complaining about what F1 is, we all watch it but we also have all been complainaing about it for years due to lack of passing and the 'financial arms race' limiting the people in the running. Its time for a change and in 2010 and beyond we could end up with 2 great new series rather than none....


Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
Good point. A breakaway series could be good, but the F1 name is getting a bad reputation, it's and insult to those who follow the series, and past racers who see the sport go to ruin. No, they break away series/F1 could still boom and succeed OR they could go horribly wrong and then we'd have GP2 as the top tier motor sport -_-

Something interestuing while readin this, I did see one company produce a radical prototype of "the future of F1". Brand new chassis, no front or rear wing, more relaince on mechanical grip. This goes back to your point of a series with less reliance on aero. You think maybe the whole damn industry knows and is getting their bid in early? Personally, I'd like to see the F1 name, but with new rules, new governing body, and a new outlook. None of the bull about Green racing. FIA's idea of "Green" racing is a little green stripe on the tire. HA!

Ken Hunter

Apr 15, 2008
The powers that be in F1 have for the last 5 years lost the plot! They have introduced new rules after new rules, to no significant effect as to their objectives to have closer racing and more overtaking and the biggest joke of get the teams running at the back to compete for podium positions.
NONE of these changes have brought these ill thought out objectives any success and all it has done...which is quite evident alienate all the key teams in F1 and as said before, is dragging the F1 name down.

One can just hope that in the end, commonsense prevails?