The Blurries-2014 Race Department RFactor 2 Commmunity Awards

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  1. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    " The 2014 Blurries-The Race Department RFactor 2 Commmunity Awards"
    Its New Years Eve and we are thrilled to be here at the the stunning grand ballroom of the Hotel Fairmont at Monaco to see the glittering Race Department RFactor 2, 2014 Awards ceremony.
    Race Departments motto is blurring the lines between real and virtual motor-sport.
    Because of this and the fact that this seasons physical trophies are quite hard to make out on camera they have been nicknamed “The Blurries”.

    The community has been voting for 12 days on a list of nominees created by community and staff. Further nominations were accepted during the voting process.
    The results are in.

    To get us started, to hand out the Blurry for Best Virtual Journalist .is none other than Murray Walker.
    The nominations are; Daiman Patel, Tristan Clark, Martin O'Brundle, David O'Reilly.
    Open the envelope please. The winner is Martin O'Brundle.

    Walker; Welcome Martin to the glittering RD RF2 Awards ceremony at the stunning brand ballroom of the Hotel Fairmont at Monte Carlo.
    Did you ever think when you were stacking shelves at the Halfords warehouse that it would lead to this?

    O'Brundle; Thanks Murray. I guess you have to take your chances when they appear. When I saw the notice in the sales staff lunch room that there was a Go Karting Xmas function I sensed this was my chance to get off the factory floor.

    Walker; So it feels weird to be turning the tables and interview a fellow top motoring journalist but how did it all unfold from that moment?

    O'Brundle; I had 6 weeks to get ready so I started working hard on fitness and started knocking on doors for sponsors. The local paper shop where I did my Saturday paper round were very supportive and so was the take away Indian that I did deliveries for on Friday and Saturday nights. Between them we got to 90% of the cost of the drive and my parents covered the rest. It was about £80.00 in total which today doesn't seem much, well heck I earn that in a week these days! But back then it seemed like a lot of money.

    Walker; Tell us about that first race?

    O'Brundle; The warehouse foreman managed to get hold of a brand new set of work overalls and my mother sewed on some badges. I think I caused quite a stir when I walked into the paddock. I had my own helmet as well for the scooter I used on the fast food delivery runs so I think I was the only one not wearing one of those tired old helmets they give you at the Karting centres. I think it psyched out a few of the sales team.

    Walker; Any other preparation?;

    O'Brundle; I think I was the only one that had been there prior to walk the course and I made a video too. So each night I would sit and watch the lap and visualise my performance.
    I also picked up a bit of part time work at the Karting centre and that helped me with selecting the right Kart and setting it up properly with tyre pressures and in fact I found some new tyres for my Kart as well.

    Walker; The event itself?:

    O'Brundle; I won the qualifying session as a result and possibly because some drivers had had quite a long lunch.
    The feature race was quite a challenge as we started to lap quite a few cars who were bumping into each other. I took the win by a lap and the trophy that still has pride of place in the TV room.
    From there it was a bit of a whirlwind as looked at various opportunities and offers.
    In the meantime I played it safe and held onto the 3 jobs I already had. In fact I had to as my sponsorship was more of a kind of advance on wages.
    However funding a budget was a big issue so I took the decision to move across into media where I could leverage my experience and travel the virtual world enjoying the sport I love.

    Walker; and the rest as they say is history!
    You have covered a lot of events and interviewed some great talent over the the three years . Can I fire a few “best of” questions at you?

    O'Brundle; Shoot!

    Walker; OK,

    Most dominant win?.......Graham Jarvis Monaco 2011 Codemasters at RD. He won by a lap.

    Biggest talent not to take WDC?......Dylan Hember again 2011 Codemasters. Dylan was the quickest to adapt to the 2011 car from the 2010 cars understeery handling but had electrical issues all season.

    Best driver on hard tyres? Mark Greenall the WDC in 2011 Codemasters at RD.

    Best driver using a game controller. Dead heat, Martin Ott and Nicolas Delamare.

    Best Historic Driver? Matej Lakota

    Best Tin top driver. Many great drivers, including Frederic Schornstein, Marcel Bonnet Andreau, Aleksi Kivela, Matej Lakota, Christian Michel, Simon Christmann. I wont pick out one.

    Best race telecast. The FSR Championship final at COTA and Mt Panorama GT3 by Ricardo Edelmans and Daiman Patel.

    Quickest RD League driver over 1 lap? James Sadler.

    Best overtaker? Oscar Hardwick.

    Best at setting up a car?......................Sorry David, but no one here has a clue.

    Best Open Wheeler driver. Morgan Morand.

    Your most controversial interview? The Helmut Marko interview was the only one mentioned in parliament in two countries.

    Walker, ok we need to move it along now Martin!

    O'Brundle Murray you haven't asked me about the time when I raced against the 1998 World Karting Championships 3rd placed driver Sauro Cesetti. The viewers are probably keen to hear what happened!

    Walker-Thank you Martin that's about all we will have time for .Without further ado. Congratulations on being awarded Race Department Rfactor 2 community best virtual journalist.

    Presenting the Blurry for. Best “Other” Mod is @Daiman Patel.

    The nominations are; Trackmap by Fazerbox, Motec Plugin by Lazza, Minimalist HD UI by David Dominguez.

    Daiman Open the envelope please. The winner is Trackmap by Fazerbox

    Presenting the Blurry for Best Non ISI car is @Frank van Oeveren
    The nominations are; WSGT Megane, Ferrari 458 Challenge Stradale, BES 1.0 GT3 by Petra GTC, URD DT5, Mazda 787B by Makcorp, URD EGT.

    In the closest fought outcome of the awards the voting was tied between BES 1.0 GT3 by Petra GTC and URD EGT. Honorable mentions go to ASRs 1991 Ferrari 643 and Ferrari 458 Challenge which were both tied on one point less than the joint winners.

    Our guest presenting the Blurry for Best Non ISI Track is @Dennis Coufal. The nominations are; Croft, Nordschleife by DJC, Tosch et al., Mid Ohio by Virtua LM, FSR COTA, FSR Suzuka by JES.

    After a close tussle with Nordschleife by DJC, Tosch et al The winner is Mid Ohio by Virtua LM.

    Presenting the Blurry for Best ISI Car is @Xavier de Carvalho. The nominations are; Megane, Formula Renault 3.5 2014, Nissan GTR GT1, Corvette C6R GT2

    The winner is Corvette C6R GT2

    Presenter for Best ISI Track is @Simon Christmann. The nominations are; Silverstone, Sao Paulo, Tigermoth Aerodrome.

    The winner is Silverstone,

    The presenter for Most Helpful Community Member is the 2013 VEC GT1 Champion and newly crowned FR 3.5 Drivers Champion @Aleksi Kivelä.

    Nominations are Simon Christman, Frederic Schornstein, Gijs van Eldren, David O'Reilly, Daiman Patel.

    The winner is David O'Reilly.
    David wanted to say that he is very grateful for this award but point out that much of the help he has given was simply passing on the help he had earlier been given by RD staff and members.

    Presenters for Most Improved Driver; Blurry is the Endurance racing team of MC Racing-Christiam Michel and Simon Christman.The nominations are; Gijs van Eldren, Jason Skyring, Yuri Kasdorp, Dino Paolini, Martin Bulgin. James Maskell.

    The winner is @Yuri Kasdorp

    Presenter of Best Endurance Racer award is Gij van Elderen. The nominations are; Christian Michel, Aleksi Kivela, April Dillon, TXL Racing LMP "A team". Team MC Racing: Simon Christman and Christian Michel.

    The winners are Team MC Racing: @Simon Christmann and Christian Michel.

    To present the Drivers Driver award is no other than Martin O'Brundle. The nominations are; Rupe Wilson, Matej Lakota, Frederic Schornstein, Stefan Woudenberg, Frank van Oeveren, April Dillon, David O'Reilly,

    The winner is David O'Reilly

    Presenter of Best Sprint Racer award is Xavier Carvallo. The nominations are; Oscar Hardwick, Aleksi Kivela, Frederic Schornstein, Miroslav Davidovic, Dino Paolini, Morgan Morand, Jimi Hughes, Hany Alsabti.

    The winner is @Morgan Morand

    So there we have it the Race Department RF2 2014 awards. I'm sure you join us in congratulating not only the winners of a prestigious "Blurry" but also all the nominees who were supported this year.

    Have a happy New Year.
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  2. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Great writedown David, congrats to all the winners! Was an epic year with epic races, mods and people :). See you all in 2015!!
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  3. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen

    Thanx David!

    Congrats to the nominees and the winners.

    And thanks community!

    2015 will bring: new cars, new tracks, new drivers, new builds with new fixes and old bugs,...

    Happy new year... :)

    See you at the race track! :cool:
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  4. Eduard Mallorquí

    Eduard Mallorquí

    With all due respect but you need some big balls to not include Bono Huis, current FSR WC champion, and at the same time nominate someone who scored 0 points racing all the races from the same league.
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  5. Petra Sklenarova

    Petra Sklenarova

    grats and thx to all :)
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  6. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    I would advice you to not take it very seriously in regards of how accurate all this is and treat it more like a fun RD rf2-community type of thing.
    You can't imagine how silly I feel for beeing on the list that you mentioned.
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  7. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I think Dino is right.
    This wasn't "The Academy Awards" of sim racing.
    It was the RF2 community patting some people on the back who won their respect and naming some other mods/tracks etc that were favourites over 2014.
    a fun RD rf2-community type of thing. is exactly what it was.

    Ill let you in on another couple of things.
    It wasnt held in Monaco
    Martin O'Brundle isn't real.
    Murray Walker wasn't really there.
  8. Eduard Mallorquí

    Eduard Mallorquí

    Very good. By the way try to check who made the minimalist ui ;)
  9. Nox


    It wasn't?
    He isn't?
    He wasn't?

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