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TH8RS manual clutch mechanism (unfinished)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by museumsteve, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. museumsteve


    After a previous attempts at adding a manual clutch system to my TH8RS I gave up for a while and then thought of something better and ultimately easier to make. I picked up a second TH8 from Anthony here and started working on it.
    I didn't finish it, I've decided to get the new Fanatec shifter when it comes out and already have a TH8 in my rig, but maybe someone else fancies giving it a go and could get some ideas from this.

    I fixed 2 aluminium channels to either side of the mechanism, got 2 bolts which are held together, either side of the gear shaft, with a drilled aluminium collar. The bolts move with the gear shaft. Add some spring/pin mechanism via a manual clutch cable from the pedal and you can get yourself a pretty realistic mechanical clutch system (in as far as locking it from gear change when not using the clutch)

    More info after the pics




    All that remains really is to feed a manual cable (I used a bike brake cable before) from the clutch pedal to the shifter casing. Drill through the bottom of the casing and make a mechanism to pull 1 or 2 pins out of the aluminium channels. The pins would hold the bolts in place. This can be a really simple spring setup. I tried some crude tests and it was great.
    You can play around with spacing and could get away with one pin either side, lots of scope for improvement.