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    NOW SOLD----------///////// Hi - for sale is a brand new boxed 7" TFT screen which I used for a total of 2 hours before selling up most of my equipment. Its fantastic and runs all the usual sim apps (via HDMI) really well. I was previously using a phone and it just isnt the same, not does it look the part.

    Paid £45+postage - yours for £20 delivered. As new and fully boxed. I have also included a mounting plate I made myself which is a simple piece of plastic that fits to the V2 Fanatec base - come complete with screws so you can attach on the base and you're off.

    If you've not looked at Z1 software. please do so as its fantastic and works really well with most sims and runs really well on this display.

    Any questions please ask.

    (other items also for sale)

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