Terrain Texture Into Xpack?


Aug 19, 2009
I have found and created some .dds images which I'd like to incorporate into my track as ground textures. If I was to build an xpack for these how are they to be defined in the xpack in order to be visible in the terrain section once the xpack is moved into the projects folder?

For example I've made a number of xpacks with images for walls to be used as billboards or as the replacement texture for a SO wall.

I now want to make a xpack for ground textures. How do I define that in an xpack so that it can replace grass or cement in the terrain section?

Sorry for the basic question- could not find anything here on this after searching the forums. Trust it is a simple thing to do....



May 4, 2009
I think its a lot easier to duplicate an existing texture in the 'Venue Materials' dialogue and add your texture to that. Especially if its just a few textures you made.

In the Venue Materials dialogue, highlight a similar texture and press the + button on the top left, then under 'Textures', load the new texture and adjust its properties.

As for packing textures only into xpacks, I think that logically the best use for that is if your going to share textures like the road xpacks or if you have a lot of textures you want to re use over again. But if its just for one project, then the above method I believe would be the most simplest way to go.