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  1. Andreas Tornéus

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    Talked to a player after a race.
    He asked if I had ts (teamspeak). What is it? Got an IP address and a code, but do not know what to do with it. Does that mean that I can run in a team or?
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    I'm usually on TeamSpeak for every event that I enter, which has usually been all the Club races run during the week. I also go on whenever I'm doing a bit of testing. At times we have three or four drivers on and sometimes just two or I'm alone and by myself.

    What;s it good for? For sure you get to know a bit ab out the people you race with, almost like having them for neighbors or family if you want to go that far. As far as racing goes it can get you a good setup. a chance to improve your own setup ability, a good word from a fast driver or some valuable information while on track, like when and where to expect a driver to make a pass on you while lapping as well as info on fuel consumption, pitting strategies and how to fix a problem you encounter while racing without having to run to browser for a "google"!

    "I've looked at TS and there's never anyone there", If you're not there, there's no one there. It's like looking at an RD server and saying to yourself that no one is online, if you go there, someone is online and maybe others will follow. We have drivers come onto TS and turn off their mic's, just listen to the chat, we also have some that will listen during practice but turn it off for quali and race.

    Ever since I found the "community" of RD on TS I've been on it, and sometimes silent. It took me a long time to be able to drive and have a chat without losing concentration. Now, seldom will I have a truly silent period as having a chat is as important as being in the race to me.

    But it did take me time and I did a lot of listening before I became a regular speaker. It only takes the free software from TeamSpeak, a headset, a mic and a quick setup to be there and enjoy the RD community. You can drive, but you came here to drive with friends, TeamSpeak is the way!
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    that sounds a bit of me[/quote]
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