WIP Tarcoola Raceway

Tarcoola Raceway 0.90v

It is a fictional race track near Tarcoola town in the Far North of South Australia 416 km north-northwest of Port Augusta. It is called to Touring Cars, specially V8Supercars...

not perfect AI with BTB
49cameras in 2 groups
long straights with easy corners and chicanes



I need Your help with these things... I have created camera, which is moving along the path. Nothing special. It is first corner. Path is going down very smooth.

...but in rF camera does not going to the end of path and skip to another camera, which it is next. Any ideas how to do, that camera could go to the end and then skip to next camera? Is it possible to do in BTB?

Here is video with my problem

The video shows my next problem. It is connected with AI made by BTB.

Looks nice and not bad. There is no sharp corners, but quite soft AI path. In rF car is going too wide and sometimes hit the sandtrap. Any ideas?

Erwin Greven

retired from this site.
Maybe you could add a few extra nodes in your AIW-path before the corner. Then the cars will brake more earlier. But also keep in mind that not every mod is the same. I tried to get the WSC1970 mod working. False hope. I think no one can, untill the mod gets more grip.

btw. nice track!!
AI path should be edit like track nodes. You know... It would be easily.

Thanks :smile:

AI is done. I have added an extra nodes, checked corridors and adjusted them. Now cars are going smooth :smile:
Now I think the track is completely in 99.9%. Looks better and works fine. I have a problem with convert it to MAS files. How to do that? Anyone wants to help me with this? Now the track is quite heavy. Its around 110MB in rF folder. Lot of files, looks like a mesh...

I know, its the Files2Mas, but I dont know, which files I should convert. It will be working?

Kris Vickers

Hardware Staff
Create one MAS file with all your GMT files in and call it `Tarcoola.mas`

Create another MAS file with all your textures in and call it `Tarcoola_maps.mas`

With the textures MAS file, be sure to EXCLUDE any of the loading pictures and any pictures used as a base for the ground, i.e. blended with grass textures in BTB.

Include the following lines in your SCN file;

If you need help with actually creating a MAS file, then let me know :)
Ok. .mas files done.

Now I would like to do new loading screen with my track map, just like in rFactor. How to do that? I have a clean background rFactor loading screen.

When Im using AutoSim Circuit Layout Generator, everything works fine, but not with my track. Click on "load waypoints", chose my AIW file and...

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