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Talent files


Oct 21, 2014
Hi, I bought Gamestockcar 2 weeks and I really like it.
I'm fan of GT cars and downloaded Blancpain 2012 mod (waiting for Patriot's mod ;) )
I really like IA handling in this sim, probably the best among other sims.
However, there only few differences between best and slowest IA (less than 2'' from pole position to 44th in Monza).
Also, it looks fastest drivers are chosen randomly and sometimes I can see in pole position gentlemen who don't have anything to do at such highest place.
I'd like to add some realism.
I worked deeply last year on Rfactor's talent files of Blancpain mod in order to fit with drivers actual talent.
I wonder if I can use it or if I should modify some parameters.
I tested yesterday and couldn't see any difference.
So, maybe only directory issue?
(for this 1st try, I only copied and pasted full talent files pack. it means in talents files I have default tales and a Blancpain folder)
thanks in advance

Óscar Melero

May 7, 2014
I'm not Reiza Studios, but I guess it's a problem of the mod and not GSCE's AI.

When driving the StockCarsV8 2014 you can clearly se the consistence of the AI and the fastest drivers are always the same ones (Max Wilson, Caca Bueno, sometimes Barrichello is there too...)

I think it's got nothing to do with the base game, it is a mod problem.

PD: Also, is there a work in progress of another Blancpain mod? More info pls?


Oct 21, 2014
I agree it's a pure mod issue.
There isn't any talent related to Blancpain mod. That's why I wonder if pure "RFactor's talent files" will be recognized by GSCE and which directory I should use.

For more info about new GT mod, you can have a look on WIP thread in mods section.
Patriot is working on it.


Jun 26, 2009
Yes the talent files should work ok, you just need to make sure the file name (JoeDriver.rcd) matches the name in the file (Joe Driver) and the veh (Joe Driver).
No space in the filename but there is a space in the other two.

I don't know if there are any variations in the way that GSC & rF1 use the talent files, but the files will work, and in GSC I have found the main factors are the speed and aggression PLUS minimum race skill that help determine their performance and position in the field.
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Nov 27, 2013
Hi there,

there are some good mods out there without talent files.
I’d like to know what’s your work flow in order to create talent files? How do you proceed?

As far as I understood you can pick existing talent files, change the names and perhaps some numbers and then link them to the *.veh files? Is that correct?

Simon Gardner

Feb 12, 2009
As far as I understood you can pick existing talent files, change the names and perhaps some numbers and then link them to the *.veh files? Is that correct?
Yes as long as the name inside the talent file matches the Driver="DRIVER NAME" in the .VEH file
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Jan 5, 2018
Make your own Drivers and Talent:

*Create a folder in Game Data\Talent with the name of your choice ie "mydrivers"

*Make RCD files inside your new folder with driver names of your choice. Easiest way is to modify existing RCD files changing parameters as you see fit. I use annoying people from work, because my racing becomes really personal. Nothing like wiping the smirk of Simon from accountings face like beating him into turn one.
Inside the RCD the name is written Simon Bloggs (with a space)
the RCD file itself is named SimonBloggs (no space)

*In the Vehicle file (Gamedata/Vehicles/(formulawhatever)/teams) you find .VEH files. Open it with Notepad++ and change the name of the driver to "Simon Bloggs" (with a space)

*In the rFm folder open the rfm file with Notepad++ (you have to know the Rizza number of the mod you want to change - or you can click through them until you find the right one).
Edit the file by adding the following lines ('mydrivers' being the name of your talent file where all your RCD files are)


thanks to Keith Windsor for helping me understand this (did I get it right?)
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