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T3PA Problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Soldotcreate, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Soldotcreate


    Hey all ,

    Started sim racing yesterday. Now today I had an issue. After doing my first race on SRS i decided to play around with some setups for my car. After a couple of laps when i breaked the pedal got stuck ( only software like ) as the pedal still moved IRL. I stopped the game and closed it. After closing it and going into the software it showed as fully engaged ( pedal was in normal position and not pressed ) after pulling it out of the usb and putting it back in it shows as not engaged. When i press the pedal it doesnt do anything in the trustmaster software.

    Am I dealing with a faulty product here ?

  2. mo86


    Hi Bram!

    It seems that your potentiometer or the mechanism that is rotating it, is damaged or faulty. It stucks at 100%, so it can't be calibrated when you plug it in again.
    If there's no warranty on your pedals you can try to open it and check if the potentiometer is moving when you press the pedal. If it's moving your potentiometer (or wiring) could be damaged.