T300GTE Pedals on a Rennsport Wheel Stand

Hi everyone, I recently bought a T300 GTE and a Rennsport Wheel Stand for Sim Racing. The wheel stand works well, is solid under heavy FFB and is quite comfortable paired with a lounge chair. Only problem is the pedals aren't secure, they just sit loosely on the base of the stand. I've tried strapping them down which works ok but the pedals come loose if I brake too suddenly. Does anyone else have one of these? How do you secure your pedals?

I was thinking of using a ton of 100 mile an hour tape. Drilling seems a bit permanent



I tried this combo briefly with my old first gen Rennsport stand. I used an antislip mat and let them rest against the official Fanatec pedal stopper (which I bought for use with my clubsport pedals) - you can run the pedal cable out of the side so there was no danger of breaking it. They stayed in place like this very nicely.
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