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Suzuka Highlights (Jan 2nd)

Never watched the replay of that race, nice to finally see the highlight!! ::)
I knew it was close, but I didn't get how close it actually was there between the three of us on the last lap!! :confused::x3::roflmao:

You're making an awesome job with ESR and those highlights Emilio!! :inlove::thumbsup:

Will we see a highlight from the battle of Zandvoort someday? ;)
That was a very fun race. I was hoping to see the "incident" in the video. Kept waiting for it.;)

I tried to put it there at some point but it wasn't that good in the video...
I can still make a short segment of that accident if you want to see the things how they went from my dashboard
You won't hear btw my histerical and evil laugh before bumping you at the ferris wheel chicane