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Super Touring Custom UI for Race 07

Misc Super Touring Custom UI for Race 07 1.0

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AndreasFSC submitted a new resource:

Super Touring Custom UI for Race 07 - Custom UI for Race 07

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AL Super Touring Custom UI for Race 07

This is a custom UI to get some variety. The layout and page order is basically the same, but track selection now comes after car selection.
Some extra details and information has been added.
A separate Race 07 install with only 'AL Super Touring Seasons' and/or 'BTC-T Reloaded' mods are recommended, but not required.
I recommend that this UI mod...

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Ty! Got to find some space on my HD!

Will the base install suffice or do I need the whole game with DLCs ?
It depends :)
I have a separate Race 07 install with most of the expansions

and deleted all cars except
...Gamedata\Teams\WTCC_2006\Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Teams - needed for Super Touring 156
...Gamedata\Teams\WTCC_1987\BMW e30 Teams - needed for e30 in Super Touring mod
...Gamedata\Teams\Volvo_heritage\Volvo_850 - needed for 850 in Super Touring mod
BUT deleted the .car files for those cars

and deleted all tracks except
Magny-Cours and Monza 2007 are used in the Super Touring Experience, Brands Hatch is a base for Brands Hatch Super Touring version.

Then I have
Super Touring Seasons
BTC-T Reloaded
Super Touring Track Updates
Thruxton ST
Rockingham track

The UI can be used with standard Race 07, but without some of the extra "tweaks" that are included.
Thanks, ill use the Full version.

Gotta make some HD space as I have too many simbin installs! :p

Im very interested to see what you have managed with the UI! and I have never installed the Super Touring Experience as I have just found a new appreciation for the Touring genre in sim racing.
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For a separate R07 install, can I just go with the GTR2 method and copy everything (bar the UserData folder) into another folder (named R07-MOD-SUPERTOURING) ?
Steam version btw but does it really matter lol.
Yes, I used that method. I don't remember now if you have to manually edit the line in GameInstallDir.ini or if the game do that by itself
Sod it I don' know how to duplicate stuff from a steam install (my GTR2 method works for the non-steam one). I'll wipe everything off and make a clean install - after all only your mods are worth it lol. Thanks again for all the content man.
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It should work to copy everything in Race 07 folder and paste it in the same folder (I have 'Race 07 ST' and 'Race Evo' folders too) , but the game has to be started from the exe file in that folder, and Steam must be running.
Don't know if that was intended or an error: When in the rotatable spinner menu, there is only a button that brings you back to the main menu. This should probably be a button to bring you back just one menu, to the car/driver page!?
It was so many things to edit, so I don't remember exactly. Some "links" were made that way because the menu history got confused and resulted in crashes or some history loops. As you know there are many things in the ui that are made their own special ways. But the manual rotation was first only there for me to test things, but I left it there as a way to preview the car. I would prefer if I could rotate the start position 45 degrees, but it is not possible so far at least. So it is also possible that I forgot to change the target of the back button.
Well, the whole menu system is very confusing :roflmao:
There is just the expo.set file that controls the spinner's look right? That's the same with every older gmotor game. But with rFactor2 there is also an ini file that allows to control the view perspective:
Distance = 5.0, 2.0, 10.0     //  starting distance, min distance, max distance
Yaw = 0.85, -3.15, 3.15         //  starting yaw, min, & max
Rotate = 0                   //  1 if you want the instance to rotate, 0 if you don't (but the view can still rotate
Pitch = -0.26, -2.0, -0.02    //  starting pitch, min, and max
It would be a great surprise if adding a expo.ini file with the code above would work :ninja:

Anyway, I don't want to post useless stuff only :D I would also like to post a suggestion: You could delete or comment out the code in lines 9434 to 9446 which does includes the web content on the right side of the main screen and the little version scrolling text in the footer of the main screen. At least the ugly web content link is really pointless since Simbin closed all web service for Race07 years ago. The version scrolling text is more or less helpful, but I personally know very well in which state my install is, so for me the info is useless. Maybe you want to replace it by a more personal copyright text!?
That is interesting info :thumbsup:
Race07 only uses spin.set where other games also use expo.set. I have tried to add expo, but I think it requires some in game state to be set. Car rotation speed can be set in the race ui file, so I was hoping that rotation could be set there too, but haven't succeded so far. Probably those ini settings are new for rfactor2, but I will test them in every possible way of course. Whit the help from Mucho and Bjarne I'm now able to look into the active game memory, so I will look for clues there too.