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Suggestion to improve gamepad control

When using gamepad, in-game steering rotation angle is significantly limited.
I'm not sure if it is just visual, or steering rotation range is actually limited when using gamepad but
either way it worsens gamepad experience. Human sensation is greatly depends on visual cue thus
this disagreement between actual steering with thumb stick and its representation on display creates
false sense about steering amount, which makes steering with gamepad extremely difficult and frustrating.

I mean, for example, when you push your stick fully left in-game steering wheel should rotate fully left too.,
like AC. Now it's limited to about 90 degree left and right. English is not my mother tongue so it is difficult to
explain but hope dev can understand what I mean.
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Jaxx Vane Studio
most people using pads come from console games where traditionally the wheel rotation on the screen is incredibly limited... in order to appeal to those users and make them feel "at home" devs often choose to artificially reduce the visual rotation.. sadly I had to do this in AC/ACC too.

I wonder how many of those youtube "drivers" who park their mustangs into a tree after a "countersteeer" of 20 degrees are console players :p