Stefan Grand Prix to race in Bahrain - Jordan

Apr 18, 2009
New team Stefan Grand Prix will be on the grid at the first race of the season despite not yet having an entry, according to BBC pundit Eddie Jordan.
The team has been set up by Serbian businessman Zoran Stefanovich and has been lobbying hard for a slot on the grid in place of struggling US F1.
Jordan said: "My understanding is that they will be in Bahrain with ex-champion Jacques Villeneuve driving."
He said Villeneuve was due to have a seat fitting at Stefan's German base.
The Canadian won the world championship in 1997 with Williams but has not raced in F1 since 2006.
The second seat would be occupied by a pay driver, Jordan said.

They will use the car that was designed by the Toyota team last year before the Japanese manufacturer quit the sport at the end of last season and the car will be fitted with Toyota's engine rather than the Cosworth that is being used by the other new teams.
Jordan said they would be given the slot vacated by US F1, who have failed to produce a car on time to make the season.
US F1 have already asked to miss the first four races and are now reported to be asking to defer their entry until 2011.
"Don't be surprised if the backer of US F1 - YouTube founder Chad Hurley - joins up with Stefanovich," Jordan said.
Stefan GP have released a number of statements via their website saying they should be given a slot on the 2010 grid.
Although their latest release, on Sunday, was notably more conciliatory in tone towards both governing body the FIA and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone's Formula 1 Management (FOM) company.
"SGP would like to re-confirm its desire and, importantly, its ability to compete in the whole of the FIA 2010 Formula 1 World Championship," it said.

"It recognises that this can only happen with the consent of the FIA and the FOM, but has faith that the Formula 1 'family' will make the correct decision in the end.
"There will be no more press releases on this subject and we look forward to being allowed to show everyone our team in Bahrain."
If Stefan do race this year, Villeneuve would become the fifth world champion on the 2010 grid, alongside Mercedes' Michael Schumacher, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.
So the wacky old Irishman is now saying that Stefan will be on the grid in 2010. He was right about Schumacher, let us just hope he is right again. It would be nice too see USF1 finally killed off, rather than just fading in a mist of feeble attempts.

Martin Bulgin

Jul 19, 2008
I hope they make it onto the grid because I want to see as many cars as possible line up, for a few years we have only had 20 which is not enough IMO, I remember the days of pre-qualifying and 28 car grids, at the moment we will have 22 cars line up at Bahrain, if Campos make it and Stefan get in we will get the 26 we thought we would have, I dont go along with quality over quantity either, from my point of view a spectator, I find it fascinating having smaller teams who may struggle or spring surprises.
Dec 29, 2006
totally agree with Martin, the more the merrier. The 20 car grids we had last year with almost every car making it to the line had about it the whiff of a sterile operating theatre, give me 32 cars on the grid and only half of the grid finishing, that's more to my liking.
Feb 17, 2008
yep its on german news too FIA sayed Stefan GP wont get a slot cuz ther would be not enough time to
get prepared now after the late drop of USF1. but hey we talk of F.I.A right ?? nothing to wonder there
they always make the wrong decisions pffffft
Feb 17, 2008
they not only have cars and drivers they are also with all there stuff down at the first race
so the saying any other team could not be prepare till the race is not true and shows how
incompetend and stupid the FIA is