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Steering Wheel Range

Warren Schembri

Dec 5, 2012
Something that I just dont seem to be able to get to feel right in this game is steering wheel range and what it exactly means.

From what I understand (and what I have done) is set my wheel to 900 degrees in its own control panel and in rfactor2, I have Vehicle Set turned on. This means then that my wheel will match the wheel of the car.

Is this all right because I feel like that I have to turn the wheel alot more than i would expect in other games.

Any tips/help is appreciated.

Jan 7, 2013
Yes it should match. Some are used to go-kart feel steering.
You can turn "Vehicle set" off and tune down the value or set a higher steering lock in the setup.

This is the wheel ratio in my real car. (click here)
Physics of my car are simular to the Nissan 370Z but with the "Vehicle set off" and degrees at 900. But the Nissan feels like it has worn tires. Good for practice. :)

I have a Fanatec Clubsport and Force is at 220-250 and it is still half to force my real wheel produces. I think a need a Bodnar. ;)


Jan 22, 2014
How is it?
Because if vehicle set is enabled, then the game will give your controller/car the correct steering ratio. The 450 just means that that car's steering has no effect after 450 degrees, or 840, or 627, or whatever the particular car may use.

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