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Steering wheel problems? Possible fix.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Si_Crewe, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Si_Crewe


    Anybody else heard anything about this?

    I'd heard people saying that F1 2010 has "killed" their wheel and I'd always been skeptical.
    I mean, it's a new game. You play it a lot. Your wheel is getting on a bit. Maybe your wheel was on it's last legs and a few weeks of intense F1 2010 was enough to finish it off, right?

    Well, I'd started to notice my wheel (based on an old Guillemot FFB jobbie) getting a huge "lumpy" zone at the straight-ahead position so I assumed the potentiometer was developing a fault.
    My wheel is pretty easy to work on so I checked the function of the pot' and it was fine so I just kinda put up with the lumpiness.

    In a moment of boredom, while playing with the setup software for my wheel, I decided to uninstall the driver (for some reason I installed it with the spanish language driver and I decided to see if I could find an english one) and re-install it.

    With the new driver installed (actually, it's the same version driver. Just the english language version this time) the lumpiness has gone completely!

    Since F1 2010 has been released I've played no other game that uses the wheel so I can only assume that F1 2010 has gradually been doing something to corrupt the driver in some way.

    I've been using the wheel to play Dirt 2 for over a year with no problems but 2 months of F1 2010 seems to have caused this.

    Anyway, all fixed now.

    So, if you've been playing F1 2010 (on a PC) and your wheel seems to be getting knackered, try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.
    Worked for me. :cool:
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