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Steering loss (p2)


Hy there, it happened again :poop:

AC has "forgotten" the steering for the Mazda Cup car ( and my favorite Porsche)

I had this problem once before when I was on a different steering wheel and the wheel is recognized in controll settings.
All mods and other Kunos cars work fine.

So I think there must be something wrong with the car folders.

This time around the "vanilla AC launcher" even denies to start a race, last time it did and the car wouldn´t recognize the steering.

Last time I deleted the striken car folder and ran Steam Integrity Check which DID NOT fix the problem.
It just fixed itself over time.

Now i want to participate in a community race with the Mazda ( which went fine 2 weeks ago) and bamm, the f.... car is on strike again.

Is there any way to fix single cars other than to reinstall AC alltogether?
I´d like to avoid that as i have a lot of Mods and i am not to digital guy:cautious:

Every help appreciated

MFG Carsten


Got the solution from a hero member of a german Sim Forum:

it was nothing wrong with the car files, but the error definetely wasn´t in the drivers seat either :cautious:

It seems that when you use "carspecific controls" and change the controls preset just a little bit things go pear shaped.

The car is working now, I´m very happy

MFG Carsten