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Steam keys for current owners of GSC Extreme

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
GSC Extreme Steam release coming up shortly! If you already own it you may now switch your Serial Number for a Steam key from the official GSC Extreme website:


This is valid for purchases made from release until yesterday (February 9th). New non-Steam purchases will NO LONGER warrant Steam keys.

EDIT: Small bug in the database detected and fixed, If you tried when this was originally posted and did not manage to retrieve your key, please try again.
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Maybe too early still to retrieve a Steam key. I just filled in my mail address from the purchase order but Reiza Studios did not recognize it. Will wait a bit before trying again.


brilliant guys....

must be a ball ache for you all this ;)

I would like though to know..

What is the benefit of going to steam, and what updates is on the initial steam version.

Also how about using mods and sweetfx, we would have to make sure we dont verify files?
So it's the same as FTrucks - one can have existing non-steam installs and a new steam install on the same pc and they will both work normal, but no more fresh non-steam installs once you opt for a steam key ?

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