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STC Black Cup '09: Superb result for DMSv at the Green Hell

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Andreas Hultgren, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Andreas Hultgren

    Andreas Hultgren

    The series visited the famous Nordschleife track, also knowned as the Green Hell, as the Black Cup was ready for it's second race of the season. RPM was the team who picked the track and everyone was in for a real treat.

    Roland Ehnström of Danielsson Motorsport Virtual took the pole in the damp conditions with a time of 6:46.017. He also got of to a great start and had RPM's Peter Duivelaar and DHR GP's Thor Qualman in pursuit during the first quarter of the race. Then Qualman hit some trouble and lost ground on the two competitors who were neck to neck untill the pitstops and this is where the race really got decided on Ehnströms behalf as he pitted a lap before the RPM driver and managed to get a gap of over 20 seconds after the pitstops were completed due to having a full lap around the long track on new rubber as where Duivelaar suffered on worn tyres. Ehnström then had to keep it on the black stuf and he did as he took DMSv's first win of the season. Duivelaar came in 2nd.

    Fredrik Tackman made the day even better for DMSv as he got passt FlatOut Racings Kevin Clark on the last lap to take home a 1-3 for the Swedish team who is now in a comfortable lead in the championship with 106 points, 31 ahead of its sister team DMSv2.

    Lee Ross in the second FlatOut Racing Porsche finished behind his teammate in 5th which brought home their first points of the season. Thor Qualman lost back to 6th after being up there in the early parts of the race but he hit the wall pretty hard at one stage and had to pit near the end of the race.

    John Westerlund (DMSv2), Paul Bordeau (Team GG), Ludovic Cogotti (Project D) and Peter Kull (DMSv2) made up the top 10.

    As mentioned DMSv is in a big lead ahead of it's sister team and Project D is now in 3rd, 2 points behind DMSv2.

    Race results

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