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Sell SRC GT-1 PRO for Direct Drive


Copenhagen APEX
I am selling this wheel. It has some wear on the sides of the rim, but the rim can easily been swapped. It can be used with DD and with other wheel, you might need an adapter.
The wheel is a controller box with push buttons, rotary buttons, and LEDS and digits.
Very good shifter paddles with a solid click. The buttonbox is in mint condition.
The wheel it self is alacantara, and I have been using it with gloves, but at 9 and 3 o'clock there are some wear.

You can see more here:

The price is 300 euros + shipping.
I am located in Denamark

Jeremy Ford

Am I all wrong?
Or you guys just polluting this thread?

Sorry ignore my comment, Wajdi quoted an incorrect value. And then you posted a higher number afterward, without adding context. So it looked very strange without me fact-checking first.

300 euro is completely fair.... Sorry.


Yea, sorry I thought it was 330€. Nice deal I guess.
I would have taken this but I have already 2 GT wheels and I’m looking for a F1 style steering wheel.
Good luck