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Spectator Stands & Crowds

Andrew Moore

Apr 14, 2009
Hi all, 1st post, sorry if its too nooby.

I got my license for the full version this morning and installed the XP Packs, which are great... just what i need.

The thing is, i dont see any spectator stands or crowd options? Are these objects work in progress or do i make the stands myself and use jpegs of my mates for the crowd? lol

Its something i thought would be included in this otherwise excellent program...... or am i not looking hard enough?



The majority of objects and textures are provided by other users. XPacks are an easy way for us to share what we create between ourselves. There are no crowds provided as standard since no one has made any in the pro XPacks provided via the main BTB site, although I think I saw some in one of the XPacks uploaded on this site which had been 'borrowed' from an ISI track.


Mar 23, 2009
Most of the objects I have in my xpacks are from objects I have eiter created, got from the original ISI tracks or were imported from Sketch up ...

I also have lots of texture work I have done and use for my own tracks ...

Problem is I like all my stuff in just one xpack ... AND my XPACK is HUGE ...

No way would I even attempt to upload it or even share it ... especially now that I need to update most of the textures due to the Double-sided issue that poped up since I made it ... frankly I dont even bother as I fix most them errors in 3Dsimed ...

as with everything .... you just need to learn for yourself ... its not hard to create xpacks ....

One of Piddys best additions to BTB

Andrew Moore

Apr 14, 2009
Great!! Thanks chaps. I have no problem making my own stuff or 'Borrowing' it, i just wanted to check before i started to learn the basics.

My training starts here

Thanks again

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