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Some questions about setting up my own room/server.


Jan 22, 2014
I successfully set up a room today for an hour or so. Awesome stuff, I absolute adore the fact that we can do everything from in-game. No out of game tools needed or anything. That leads me to my first question...

1. What is the difference between setting up the room within the game and using the out-of-game dedicated server tool? I thought that maybe the tool allowed much more flexibility or something (like setting session lengths, re-ordering the grid, and just having a lot more flexibility and options than in-game) but when I tried it, the options and everything seem identical. The only thing that's different is that the dedicated server tool allows you to see your framerate and your up and download rate. That's it....So what's the point?...There must be some sort of advantage to it....

2. If I run the dedicated server tool, then I can't start the game, or vice-versa. Steam says the game is already running and therefore won't allow you to start anything more. So if I want to play, am I forced to having to set-up the room from in-game rather than using the dedi server tool? (I MUCH prefer having everything in-game anyways but I'm just curious because I want to test the differences between in-game and the dedi server tool).

3. Do I have to edit the multiplayer.ini file in order to change options like session length and all that stuff? If so, then that means I need to exit the game everytime I make a change, no?? When switching tracks from in-game, I get presented with options for allowed aids, lap length, race start time and some other rules. This is fantastic! But having a more complete set of options to adjust would be even better (for example, most of the options in the multiplayer.ini file).

4. Does the data rate setting in-game and in the dedi server tool actually use kbps like it says it does? Or did Reiza/ISI actually mean to write "KBps"? I ask this because my speeds are 50,000 kbps (down) and 10,000 kbps (up) but the in-game setting for both only goes up to 10,000 kbps (and even lower in the dedi server tool - about 8,000 kbps). Some people even have download and upload speeds of 100,000 kbps (and more) so I'm assuming they actually meant to write "KBps" rather than "kbps".

If they indeed meant to write "KBps" rather than "kbps" then that would make more sense as my speeds equal 6,250 KBps (down) and 1250 KBps (up) - both definitely under the game's 8,000 - 10,000 settings limit.

Thanks everyone.
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