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Some of the Kunos cars and tracks don´t run ...

Hi there,

As said in the title, I can´t run some Kunos tracks (Brands Hatch, Nordschleife) and cars (all ferraris). But some of the cars do run (BMW M3 E30), and tracks also (Laguna Seca, Monza etc).
Error message cars: "Game crashed. Car ks_ferrari_330_p4 might be missing, or it´s data is heavily damaged"
Error message tracks: "Unexpected error"

I tried all CSP versions, whichout a change, up to 0.1.75.I inactivated SOL, without a change :-(
I do not see any kind of patter, which comination works and which one doesn`t.

All mod tracks run, and nearly all mod cars run, except all cars in GPL 1500.

Any idea what´s wrong with my set up?

Greetings from Hamburg