Soft of hard brake pedal doesn't make any difference

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Boby Kim, May 10, 2011.

  1. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim


    Sorry for my terrible grammar. Im dutch and some days are not my english grammar days:cool:

    I came from a Thrustmaster Force Feedback wheel (with Ferrari logo) to a Logitech G27. My TM still functioned perfectly so why did i made the step? Cause of the pedals and the shifter.
    As i red the brake pedal had much more tension than my old TM. But as i drive with my new pedals i noticed i thing....i didnt make any difference with my braking skills.
    So i looked into those potentiometer things. But as i wondered i couldnt be sure that it would be the solution for the right braking. I stepped into my (real) car and i had my full attention at my driving.
    How do i know when to brake and even more important: how do i know who hard to press the brake? and you know what: it doenst matter if the brake pedal is soft or hard, its all about weight transfer and eyeing the distance. And weight transfer cant be simulated, not even with a motion sim. Im driving 50 Km/ph towards a green traffic light. At about 15 meters it hits orange. In a second i hit the brake, i measure the distance to the white stopping line with my eyes and i regulate the tension on the brakes through the weight transfer i feel in my body moving forwards. Racing on a PC is all about getting knowledge of you pedals (hard or soft doenst matter) and getting known of the braking point on circuits.

    Do you agree?
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Braking in racing games is all about finding a spot that gives you a marker for applying the brakes and for turning into the corner. Brake feel is still important, but your mind will feel it for you even if you don't notice the difference. Once you get used to a pedal set, you will automatically apply the right amount of pressure to brake the way you want.
  3. George Pilkington

    George Pilkington

    You should try the Nixim Brake Mod.
    Its made a big difference to how the brake peddle feels. All who have tried mine now think it feels much more like the peddle in our cars... Its much easier to feel the pressure needed to brake hard. They are only a few £££ so give it a try.
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