So, whats new these days?

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  1. H34d5h07

    No money, no team racing.

    Decided to check this forum since I have gotten back to simracing again. I left the scene a few years back, because things were hectic in real life, and RD took a strange turn in events, wich I didin't like back then. (starting to focus only on stock content and website itself started to look like a facebook clone) Now, when I check back, things looks much better, and Im actually considering of starting racing on your servers again.

    I am just wondering if the servers are still somewhat active? Any new rules that I should be aware off?
    Back in the days, it was pretty straight forward. Drive fair, show respect to other drivers. Bumps will happend, but no reckless driving. If you sign up, you are expected to show up. And most imprtant. Have fun!
    I really miss the clean races, been trying to do a few public races, but as you may know, they end up in a crash by somneone who has no life and all that.

    Are the any rookie/simi-pro leagues goin on? Doing a few casual races is really fun, but there is no sense of any accomplishments, wich I missed back in the days.
    Anyway, waiting for replies before I decide to make up my mind! One thing is for sure, if things are like they used to be, considering me in your future events!
  2. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    Welcome back, i remember fully well the period you referred to ;) Check PrestoGP, we started 10th season with F3000, it fits in to that semi-pro category.
  3. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan

    Club racing is open to all and we get all kinds. We have some pretty full grids at times and others spaces go begging so take a peek at the calender and drop a note to get signed in.

    I see you're already giving it a go!