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Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Senna fan96, Jul 20, 2015.

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    Senna fan96

    Hey guys I buy F1 2015 with high hopes to have much fun and have greate fights with the guys, but now I have the opposite. My front Tyres are blocking in every corner and if I but the brakes to the rear the rear tyers blocking. I have so much understeering, I tried to make a set up witch kill the understeer but nothing happends. In F1 2014 you can brake so late and still catch the corner that was great fun also the graphic was better, because in F1 2015 the graphic is more pixeled or something I cant discripe it it keeps me away from concentrating. Have you too such problems ???

    Sorry for my bad english
  2. airutonpurosuto8912


    I don't have a problem with the tyres and with understeering, and I don't care for the graphics. So, I've never got these issues you've mentioned.
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  3. Max-Lee911


    Play with you AF and AA, settings. Can't remember what I put mine on, but eventually got it so that, that weird "pixelation" (best way I can describe it is gone). Go read the thread "a blurry mess", there they talk about it way more in depth.
    As for the tire's locking: Physics are a bit less forgiving on the braking so practice being gentle on the brake. If you are, then you can try playing with your braking-dead zone, linearity and all those settings. If you are using a x-box controller try setting the accelerator and brakes to your right analog, takes some getting used to, but eventually I found I had a lot more control like that until I got myself a wheel.

    Hope some of this is use full to you and enjoy the racing:thumbsup:
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